The Men Who Turned The World Upside Down

What is most amazing about the 12 Apostles is that Jesus ever selected them at all; among them a handful of common fishermen, a hated tax collector, and an impulsive political zealot. They weren’t saints, they weren’t scholars but they were the men who turned the world upside down. Join us as we study their lives and ministries in adult Sunday School this Summer. Class meets each week at 9:00 am in Room 203.

Lesson 1 “Who you gonna call?” – Download

Lesson 2 “Peter, the confessions of a sinful man” – Download

Lesson 3 “Andrew, Devoted yet Demoted” – Download

Lesson 4 “James, the Ambitious Apostle” – Download

Lesson 5 “John, from Temper to Tender” – Download

Lessons 6 “Philip, the man who walked by sight” & Lesson 7 “Nathanael, “the Awful Truth” – Download

Lesson 8 ” Honest Thomas” – Download

Lesson 9 “Matthew, from Means to Meaning” – Download

Lesson 10 “James, The Other One, Simon, The Other One, & Judas, The Other One – Download