The Men Who Turned The World Upside Down

What is most amazing about the 12 Apostles is that Jesus ever selected them at all; among them a handful of common fishermen, a hated tax collector, and an impulsive political zealot. They weren’t saints, they weren’t scholars but they were the men who turned the world upside down.

Lesson 1 “Who you gonna call?” – Download

Lesson 2 “Peter, the confessions of a sinful man” – Download

Lesson 3 “Andrew, Devoted yet Demoted” – Download

Lesson 4 “James, the Ambitious Apostle” – Download

Lesson 5 “John, from Temper to Tender” – Download

Lessons 6 “Philip, the man who walked by sight” & Lesson 7 “Nathanael, “the Awful Truth” – Download

Lesson 8 ” Honest Thomas” – Download

Lesson 9 “Matthew, from Means to Meaning” – Download

Lesson 10 “James, The Other One, Simon, The Other One, & Judas, The Other One” – Download

Lesson 11 “The Apostle With A Good Reputation” – Download

Lesson 12 “Matthias, the temporary apostle?” – Download

Lesson 13 “Some women also” – Download